The best PlayStation 2 video games

Darkness of the Titan

The best video game, a masterpiece in perpetuity as well as individuals, which only gets even more mind-blowing with time. The gameplay simply consists of fights with employers, which, however, still need to be somehow found in the rather vast expanses of the gaming globe. The fights themselves are real puzzles with platforming, racing and finding vulnerabilities. Some managers’ measurements are truly colossal, and you also have to climb them really long and meticulously to drive the sword through the Achilles tendon. ‘ heel. And besides, the video game has a bewitching atmosphere of a doomed globe, as well as the captivating music will definitely remain permanently in your memory. Playing retro ps2 roms games is akin to going back to places you haven’t visited since childhood, we have all the tools you need to relive those forgotten emotions.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Fantastic role-playing game with many special gameplay components. In addition to the typical JRPG fights with monsters and managers, in Personality 3 the player will have to go to; college, passing exams, and also figuring out how to invest leisure at night – all this will definitely influence the characteristics of the character. Here is the initial system of cards with mobilized animals that can be traversed and thus obtain new animals. Identity 4 has also been launched on the PlayStation 2, which has also become better than its predecessor. Still, Persona 3 has one huge advantage over the fourth installment: loyal fans have actually completely assimilated it. to Russian.

Silent Hill 2

Black horror, considered among the best exponents of the genre of all time. The plot here is a true work of art, and the aesthetic of a shadowy town and several disgusting monsters dates back to today. Silent Hillside 2 is an ageless standard that every scary survivalist (and not only) should touch. Yes, and in the video game there is up to six substantially different endings, which depend on the actions of the personality; throughout the stream.

Steel Gear Strong 3: Snake Eater

Remarkable stealth action from Hideo Kojima, owner of the Metal Gear series. Events will send the player all the way through the Cold War, and the action itself will take place in dense forests, including all sorts of hazards. The gameplay is really varied; : imperceptible activities, survival, fights with average opponents, unforgettable employer fights and, of course, an effective story, associated with the game. movie cutscenes. Snake Eater has been named best PlayStation 2 game of 2004 by numerous publications.


God of Battle II

The second part of the adventures of the active Kratos is not without reason considered among the best and also the most beautiful games for the PlayStation 2. This slasher does nothing but 39;squeeze all the graphics juice from the console. And also in addition to a fantastic picture, the game features adrenaline-filled gameplay and also a whole bunch of battles with various bosses from ancient Greek mythology.

The best PlayStation 2 video games